Leather Wet Molding

by Georgios Koutsoftas October 01, 2023

Leather Wet Molding

EXODOS Copenhagen leather accessories are hand stitched from 7oz / 2.7mm premium Italian natural vegetable tanned cowhide. All pouches and cases are made using the wet molding technique. This meticulous process ensures that each pouch is carefully shaped and molded to perfection, resulting in a unique and well-fitted accessory.



The process typically starts by wetting the leather thoroughly by submerging it in water. The leather is then carefully shaped, folded, or molded around a wooden pattern by hand.


wet molding technique by exodos copenhagen


Once the leather is molded into the desired shape, it is left to dry naturally. As the leather dries, it retains the shape it was molded into, resulting in a customized and well-fitted piece.


wet molding a leather pouch

genuine leather folding knife sheath by exodos copenhagen


After a pouch or case has dried, it is hand-stitched with 1mm waxed nylon thread and hand-dyed ensuring that it will last you a lifetime - even becoming better with the lapse of time.


hand dyed leather phone case



custom made genuine leather phone case


Wet molding leather offers several advantages

Firstly, it allows for greater flexibility and manipulation of the leather, enabling us to create the exact dimensions of your choice. Additionally, wet molding can help soften and condition the leather, making it more supple and comfortable to wear and least but most importantly, it creates a pouch or case that won't change shape over time. 

Wet molding leather requires skill and expertise to achieve the desired results and we are proud to announce that we master this skill to perfection.


leather accessories by exodos copenhagen

Georgios Koutsoftas
Georgios Koutsoftas